How to Blog to Make Money Online

Blogging has become very popular because it is easy and anyone can do it. Most blogs are personal, using the experiences and observations of the blog’s owner to produce content. There are, however, many businesses that are now turning to blogging to give their companies a more widely known Internet presence. Having a blog to drive Internet marketing traffic to your business can actually add to your profits, and provide the notoriety that you are seeking.

Every smart business owner knows that website traffic is the most important aspect of an online business. It determines not only the profits of your business, but also where your website ranks with the search engines. The more that your website is visited, the higher your page rankings will be. Social networks like Twitter and the resulting Twitter traffic, illustrate the speed with which new marketing approaches can impact your business.

In order to draw in more traffic to your website, you have to be creative and think about different ways to advertise, other than traditional advertising. You can use affiliate marketing programs, which take off some of the effort on your part by allowing other people to promote your products or services using their own methods.

You can also use article submission sites to add informative articles that are related to what your website sells. More recently, business owners have adding blogs to the list of ways that can be used to advertise. Blogging is a frequently used method of advertising for affiliate marketers, but you can also use a blog for you company. You can provide valuable information and product updates on your company’s blog page.

In order to make a blog successful, it has to be treated as though it is merely for communication purposes. Although you are using it to advertise, you cannot give readers this idea. There are many ways that you can make your blog a successful advertising tool.

For starters, you should always refrain from taking the salesperson approach. Your readers need to know that you are not shoving your product or service in their face. You need to take a less aggressive, more subtle approach to advertising on your blog.

Here are several best practices to consider

Make your reader believe that you are simply a customer who got great results from this product or service. This is not really considered deception if you have actually used the product.
Be sure to give an honest appraisal of the product, even if you are the one selling it.
Provide benefits and drawbacks of the product. If it takes more time to use, but with better results, make sure that you state that.
Make sure your words tell the story in a way that makes your blog seem less like a sales pitch and more like a review.
Keep your content is relevant to your industry.
Try providing a review from competing companies, too. Don’t just keep posting content that is on the same thing over and over. You will eventually cause readers to stop visiting your blog.
This is completely contrary to what you are trying to accomplish. If you mix it up, even just a little, you are sure to bring in a broader range of readers, and they will keep returning to see what new information that you have added.

If you do this right, your blog will definitely drive more traffic to your website. You will start to see your sales numbers rise, and satisfied customers will not only spread the word about what they have bought, but they will also return to buy again. This is vital to any business’ success, whether it is an Internet business or a traditional business.

Alex Rich PhD, is a business coach and copywriter with more than 15 years of experience. His SEO approaches helped a recent client build a $7 million revenue stream in less than 9 months. Doc Rich’s newest find is a start up company that helps Internet marketers legally add 1000s of followers to their Twitter account in days rather than months.

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